J Garston: putting residents before party politics – but only if they are Tories who like coach parks on their doorsteps, Cliffs museums, and all sorts of useless and expensive vanity projects

JGarstonHe may protest otherwise, but I have certainly been left with the impression that Cllr Jonathan Garston is not the keenest doorstep politician in town. Nor is he runner-up, or even third, fourth, fifth, sixth … you get the picture. I get the impression he only talks to politically friendly faces, which must be a dwindling pool in Milton.

I presume this is a calling card, although he may be opting for smaller leaflets on the basis that he has little to say on what is going on in either Milton or the borough as a whole.

His idea of a local business is one that is not within the borough. Still, Conservative ideas of ‘local’ run contrary to most people’s – last year’s Tory failure in Milton described himself as the ‘local choice’ despite living further from the ward than all the other candidates.

His claim about party politics, a sop to the independents if ever there was one, runs contrary to his voting record – one that demonstrates a slavish devotion to the Conservative line on things.

I wonder what those in and near Warrior Square will make of this when they consider that it was Garston who wanted a coach park in their midst. I wonder whether those who still oppose a Cliffs museum will consider Garston as their champion, despite his desire to see the museum built.

Putting residents before party politics? That must rate as the best joke so far this year.aa


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