Labour’s Record

Women in work

  • In Government Labour reduced the gender pay gap by a third – women went from earning 72p for every male pound to 80p.
  • Introduced Britain’s first ever national minimum wage, which helps around a million people a year, the majority of them women.
  • Labour gave part-time workers the same statutory employment rights as full-time workers, helping to shrink the gender pay gap
  • We introduced laws against sexual harassment in the workplace, extending and strengthening sex discrimination rules.

Putting families first

  • Opened 3,500 Sure Start Children’s Centres, providing support for parents and young children in every community.
  • We extended total maternity leave to a full year and doubled maternity pay. And we established the right of dads to two weeks paid paternity leave.
  • We introduced the right to request flexible working for millions of parents and family carers.
  • Labour doubled the number of registered childcare places to more than 1.3 million, one for every four children under eight years old.

Putting domestic violence and sex crime on the political agenda

  • Under Labour convictions for rape increased by 45% and there was a 58% decline in cases of domestic violence.
  • Labour introduced specialist domestic violence courts, toughened the law and increased sentences.
  • We took action to ensure the police, courts and criminal justice system handle violence against women in a more sensitive and effective way.

Women’s voices at the heart of the decision-making process in Government

  • Labour has more women MPs than the Tories and Lib Dems combined and women candidates in 53 per cent of our target seats.

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