The Southend slate

Here are the Labour candidates for all seventeen wards in the borough council elections in Southend-on-Sea:

Belfairs – Dave Alston
Blenheim Park – Matt Dent
Chalkwell – Lars Davidsson
Eastwood Park – Martin Berry
Kursaal – Judith McMahon
Leigh – Chris McGurk
Milton – Gray Sergeant
Prittlewell – Tony Borton
Shoeburyness – Maggie Kelly
Southchurch – Ros Sanders
St Laurence – Reg Copley
St Luke’s – Jes Phillips
Thorpe – Rod Birks
Victoria – David Norman
Westborough – Charles Willis
West Leigh – Jay Woods
West Shoebury – David Carrington

The best choice for Leigh ward: Chris McGurk

Dr McGurk

Dr McGurk

Chris is 26 years old and is a doctor who has recently worked at Southend hospital. He is proud of the NHS and wants to achieve the best possible medical care for people in Leigh. He is a hard worker who would now like to bring his skills to helping out residents as their councillor.

Chris says,

“I would be delighted to represent the people of Leigh. It is a wonderful area, but the current Lib Dem councillors will not make the right decisions for our future. I want to see responsible investment in local services, prosperous local businesses and a council that listens to the residents. I am particularly passionate about ensuring that every person has access to excellent healthcare. I look forward to meeting as many local people as possible, finding out about their concerns and working hard to make Leigh better community for us all.”

In his spare time, Chris enjoys athletics and attempting to play his guitar.

Vote for Reg in St Laurence

Reg Copley with Cllr Julian Ware-Lane, discussing issues in St Laurence ward

Reg Copley with Cllr Julian Ware-Lane, discussing issues in St Laurence ward

I am personally delighted that Reg Copley is standing again in St Laurence ward. Reg is a hugely experienced campaigner, arguably the most experienced in the borough, and has fought many elections over the years. He is also a great source of information and a wise counsel.

Reg is also a great comrade, and I regularly exchange ideas with him, as well as occasionally seeking his advice on various issues.

I am convinced he will be a great asset if he returns to the council chamber in Southend-on-Sea.

Dave Alston for Belfairs

Dave Alston has been selected as the Labour Party candidate for Belfairs ward in May’s local elections. Dave is up against the defending Conservative councillor, Lesley Salter.

Martin Berry to contest Eastwood Park ward

020Martin Berry will contest Eastwood Park ward for the Labour Party in this year’s Southend-on-Sea Borough Council elections.

Parliamentary candidate Julian Ware-Lane supports campaign to make sure people with MND do not die without a voice

MNDcharterParliamentary candidate Julian Ware-Lane, Southend West, has signed the MND Association’s Charter in recognition of the rights of people living with motor neurone disease (MND) and has agreed to work with the charity to ensure people living with this terminal disease do not die without a voice.

This rapidly progressive disease kills five people every die in the UK, with a third of people dying within twelve months of diagnosis. Between 80% and 95% of people living with MND will experience some communication difficulties, some losing their voice completely, before they die.

Julian Ware-Lane said, “People living with MND should not be left without a voice, with no way to communicate with loved ones and professionals at a very difficult time in their lives. We need to see a change, and I am committed to working with the MND Association to make sure people with MND get the support and equipment they need.”

The MND Association is concerned that too many people with MND are experiencing delays in getting the right support to help them communicate. In some cases people have received essential communication equipment too late, after the person has died.

Chris James, Director of External Affairs for the MND Association said: “Losing the ability to speak is one of the most distressing dimensions of MND. The help that communication aids can offer can utterly transform the last weeks and months of a person’s life. Being denied them can make that time thoroughly and needlessly wretched. That’s why our manifesto is calling for the next Government to commit to meeting the communication challenges faced by people with MND. Action must be taken to make sure people with MND don’t die without a voice.”

For further information please visit

Jes Phillips for St Luke’s

Jes Phillips has been selected to contest St Luke’s ward for the Labour Party. Jess will be hoping to unseat Independent Group councillor Paul Van Looy, which according to amateur pundit Rob Brown is very much on the cards (Crystal Ball 2 – Southend Election Analysis and Predictions).


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