Labour on politics, democracy and devolution

Now we know what is in Labour’s Manifesto on politics, democracy and devolution.

Labour will:

*** set up a people-led Constitutional Convention to determine the future of UK’s governance

*** replace the House of Lords with a Senate of the Nations and Regions

*** pass an English Devolution Act, handing £30 billion of resources and powers to our great English city and county regions

*** give new powers for communities to shape their high streets, including power over payday lenders and the number of fixed-odds betting terminals

*** meet our promises to devolve further powers to Scotland and Wales

*** give 16 and 17-year-olds the vote

*** create a statutory register of lobbyists

You can read the whole Labour manifesto here.

David Hough for Rayleigh and Wickford


The choice; vote for the many

This is a vitally important election. It is a choice between Labour’s better plan for Britain’s future, a plan that works for working families, rewarding the hard work they do and saving the NHS they rely on. Or you can carry on with the Tories, who can’t build a better future for working people because they stand up only for a privileged few. With the NHS going backwards and a recovery which works just for a few, working families can’t afford five more years of David Cameron.

You can’t trust Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats. They broke their promises and have been too weak to stand up to the Tories. UKIP can’t stand for working people: they’re more Tory than the Tories, a party made up of Tory people, promoting Tory policies, bankrolled by Tory donors.

We will secure the nation’s finances, and we are able to improve the family finances of the working people of Britain, by:

• Raising the minimum wage to more than £8 by October 2019.
• Protecting tax credits in the next parliament, to back working families.
• Introducing guaranteed wrap-around childcare through primary schools, underpinned by a new National Primary Childcare Service.
• Supporting the squeezed middle by pledging not to raise income tax, National Insurance or VAT.
• Freezing rail fares in the first year of a Labour Government while we reform the railways.

It is a clear choice: you can either have a Labour Government working for the many, or a Tory one working for the few.

Vote Labour.

Julian Ware-Lane for Southend West

Julian Ware-Lane for Southend West

Victoria Voice – Spring 2015


St Laurence Voice – Spring 2015


Milton Voice Spring 2015



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