Councillor attendance in Southend-on-Sea; a six-month snapshot

Recently Southend-on-Sea Borough Council voted to maintain an attendance record for its councillors. I opposed this, in part because of the extra burden this would impose when all around there are cuts, and partly because I am not sure that raw numbers tell very much. However, I was in a small minority (possibly on my own as I cannot recall any other dissenting voices.)

I have extrapolated the following information from the minutes I have received over the last six months.

Councillor ward party Attended Apologies recorded
Brian Ayling St Luke’s Ind 27 3
Graham Longley Blenheim Park LDem 27 6
James Moyies West Shoebury UKIP 26 1
David Norman Victoria Lab 25 0
Ron Woodley Thorpe Ind 22 0
Nigel Folkard Chalkwell Con 20 1
Ian Gilbert Victoria Lab 20 2
John Lamb West Leigh Con 20 2
Martin Terry Thorpe Ind 19 1
Lesley Salter Belfairs Con 18 0
Carole Mulroney Leigh LDem 18 1
Steve Habermel Chalkwell Con 17 0
Mike Assenheim Shoeburyness Ind 17 6
Anne Jones Kursaal Lab 16 0
Trevor Byford Eastwood Park Con 16 0
Fay Evans West Leigh Con 16 1
Jonathan Garston Milton Con 15 0
Julian Ware-Lane Milton Lab 15 1
Peter Wexham Leigh LDem 15 1
Mary Betson Prittlewell LDem 15 2
Margaret Borton Victoria Lab 14 1
Tino Callaghan Prittlewell UKIP 14 3
Alan Crystall Leigh LDem 13 0
Derek Jarvis West Shoebury Con 13 1
Judith McMahon Kursaal Lab 13 3
Nick Ward Shoeburyness Ind 13 3
Ian Robertson Chalkwell Con 13 10
Lee Burling St Laurence UKIP 12 1
Mike Royston Westborough Lab 12 1
Laurence Davies Kursaal UKIP 12 3
Anne Chalk Shoeburyness Ind 12 5
Cheryl Nevin Milton Lab 11 0
Maureen Butler Belfairs Con 11 1
Mark Flewitt St Laurence Con 11 2
Kevin Robinson Westborough Lab 10 0
Derek Kenyon Southchurch Ind 10 1
James Courtenay Blenheim Park Con 9 0
Floyd Waterworth Blenheim Park UKIP 9 2
Caroline Endersby St Luke’s Ind 9 3
Andrew Moring Eastwood Park Con 9 6
Georgina Phillips West Leigh Con 8 0
Marimuthu Velmurugan Westborough Ind 8 1
David Garston Southchurch Con 8 5
Ann Holland Southchurch Con 7 6
Mike Stafford Thorpe Ind 7 6
Stephen Aylen Belfairs Ind 6 0
Adam Jones St Laurence Con 5 4
Paul Van Looy St Luke’s Ind 3 4
Chris Walker Eastwood Park Con 2 1
Ric Morgan Prittlewell Ind 1 5
Liz Day West Shoebury Con 1 8

Liz Day has been unwell, and Chris Walker is the Mayor (and therefore usually only attends Full Council).

Attendance does not equate to contribution, but some of these numbers will arouse curiosity.


4 Responses to Councillor attendance in Southend-on-Sea; a six-month snapshot

  1. You need to do a Full Council, scrutiny and others table separately…. Tables like this usually show number of meetings you are expected to attend and those that you do. Showing that someone sat in the background at Cabinet for example isn’t particularly useful.

    Anyone who suggests I’ve done a third of the work or contributed only a third of what Brian Ayling, the ‘most active’ (!) councillor, has done needs their head examining!

  2. Anyone who thinks that Brian Ayling is the “most active” councillor needs their head examining.

  3. Not much leads to the left and right agreeing…. but the indies have a surprising habit of doing so!

  4. Steve Aylen says:

    Sadly the list is very misleading as a lot of councillors get on as many committees as possible so there CV looks good, making no contribution.others do a few meetings and make excellent contributions

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