alanHartWell, he completely lives outside of Westborough ward, absolutely. He is entirely living away from it, wholly. He fully resides in Blenheim Park ward, thoroughly; an utterly different ward, quite altogether.

Don’t you just love independent candidates? Almost a policy vacuum aside from their opposition to being pinned down to anything.

Westborough intouch Autumn 2014 – as delivered in Prittlewell

AmessInTouchWestboroughI picked this odd beast up in Prittlewell ward. Aside from questions as to whether Westborough Tories understand where their ward begins and ends, I find this a somewhat amateurish effort. (It is also dated Autumn 2014 – Summer may be near to ending, but it is still with us.) It looks like it was created in Word and printed on a standard computer printer. Perhaps this was the effect Westborough’s Conservatives were after.

This newsletter has a proliferation of font types and oddly worded headlines. What does ‘STOP! the fortnightly waste collection’ mean? – Westborough enjoys a weekly collection in common with the rest of the borough. This is either scaremongering or stupidity – take your pick; either way it is wrong.

The reverse includes three photographs of places outside of the ward (and one not even in Mr Amess’s constituency) – not one picture of Westborough in the whole thing.

Mr Amess’s letter manages to be factually inaccurate in relating the results of May’s elections. He describes it as if all fifty-one council seats were being contested, whereas the truth is that only eighteen contests were staged. They won four out of eighteen, are far less impressive ratio than nineteen out of fifty-one.

It contains little in the way of real news, and certainly no celebration of all that the MP has done in Parliament. If I was an MP I would be reporting back on what my Government was doing to make lives in Westborough better. That Mr Amess does not refer to his Government speaks volumes in itself. Of course, he raises questions on such topics as the EU, immigration, and the benefits system – and not one mention of education, employment, the cost of living, workers’ rights, public services, etc.

Westborough Labour rose – summer 2014 edition


Mike’s bus petition press release

Labour candidate Kevin Robinson, resident Mrs Sookias, and Labour candidate and petition organiser Mike Royston

Labour candidate Kevin Robinson, resident Mrs Sookias, and Labour candidate and petition organiser Mike Royston

Bus Campaigners are submitting their petition to Southend Council, urging the Council to work with local bus service providers to improve the number 29 bus service.

The campaign was launched in September by veteran bus campaigner Mike Royston in response to the need he identified that local residents have for the number 29 bus service to run later in the evenings.

Mike Royston, Labour candidate for Westborough ward, said “The number 29 bus currently stops running at about 7.00pm in the evening, which causes hardship for the many bus users across the borough who use this popular bus route and are reliant on this service. The situation is made all the worse by the fact that this is the only bus service that serves Fairfax Drive.”

Kevin Robinson, who is also standing as a Labour candidate for Westborough ward, added, “Following the launch of the campaign, Arriva indicated they would be willing to consider running the service later in the evening.

We feel this petition clearly shows this improvement is needed and hope it will result in the Council and Arriva providing a better service.

We would like to thank everyone who has given support to the campaign.”

Getting the best deal for Westborough


The local choice Westborough


Ill-advised twittering from Westborough’s UKIP candidate


Carl Whitwell is one of the two UKIP candidates standing in Westborough ward this year. Carl is a young man, and like many young men embraces new media. He has a presence on Facebook and Twitter.

Here are a couple of screen shots from Mr Whitwell’s Twitter account. To say his posts make interesting reading somewhat understates it. There is much that I cannot post here without offending decency. His posts certainly border on the racist, sexist and homophobic, if they do not actually cross that line.

UKIP are attracting attention owing to ill-judged comments from some of their candidates (Ukip candidates add to Nigel Farage’s woes with a barrage of racism). I think Mr Whitwell may have some explaining to do. His Twitter feed is full of references to UKIP and he makes no attempt to separate his political comments from others.

Clearly UKIP were struggling to find candidates for the Southend-on-Sea Borough Council elections, but surely some quality control is in place. In the meantime I suggest Mr Whitwell engage his brain before committing anything more to Twitter.




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