Tracks no more

Station Road, Westcliff-on-Sea

Station Road, Westcliff-on-Sea

I am pleased to note that the long-standing eyesore that was Tracks has been bought and looks like it will be an eyesore no more. It was not just an eyesore, it was also a home for vermin, a magnet for the homeless, and the subject of much grumbling from its neighbours.

I am not able to claim the credit for this undoubted improvement, not all of it anyway. But I have been vocal in my condemnation of its dilapidated state, and have sought, and achieved, council officer intervention on several occasions.

So, I do claim a little credit. I believe that my prodding has encouraged about change, even if only to wake up the previous owners to the reality of this (former) blight on the community.

Those dancing pigeons will now have to seek a new home.

Home for dancing pigeons

012This not a residential property, and so does not properly belong in the category of Julian’s Empty Homes Campaign, but it is nonetheless empty, and has been for some time.

If you look carefully you will note that the right upstairs window is open – and I am told that it is used for access by pigeons who now see this place as their home. Some would describe pigeons as flying vermin; whilst I would not, I do not see a dance studio as a suitable place for them either.

This property is in Station Road, opposite Westcliff rail station. Another joyous site for the town’s visitors.