Trade Unions and Socialism in a Global World

Trade Unions and Socialism in a Global World

Leigh Community Centre, Elm Road 19th January 2013 3pm – 5pm

Picture1Speaker: Eric Lee

founding Editor of the news and campaigning website of the international trade union movement speaking on: How Trade Unions around the world are grappelling with globalization and neo-liberalism





Picture2Speaker: Richard Howitt MEP

Member of European Parliament for East of England has campaigned for legislation passed in 2002 protecting pension rights giving part time workers paid holiday rights speaking on: The Socialist Group in the European Union.


An Epping encounter with Richard Howitt


Richard Howitt MEP

On the subject of minute taking …

On Saturday I attended the Essex County Labour Party meeting in Epping. Owing to the absence of both the Secretary and Assistant Secretary a volunteer was requested to take the minutes, and I duly volunteered. Tonight I will be typing these up.

It did give me the opportunity of sitting on the top table with our Member of the European Parliament for the East of England, Richard Howitt. I have known Richard for many years and can attest to his wisdom and industry. In a good meeting Richard gave an interesting account of the June elections (his first opportunity to share his thoughts to this particular audience) and looked forward to Copenhagen and the hoped for progress on environmental issues.