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Julian Ware-Lane backs Labour’s plans for 20,000 extra nurses

Julian Ware-Lane, Labour candidate for Southend West has backed Labour’s plans to recruit 20,000 more nurses by 2020, including 1,800 in the East of England.

Under this government, nurse numbers have failed to keep pace with demand while more than half of nurses say their ward is dangerously understaffed.

Unlike the Tories, Labour will protect the NHS and ensure we have a health service ready to meet future challenges.

That’s why the next Labour government will provide these much-needed extra nurses. They will help ensure safe staffing in hospitals and provide personalised care outside hospitals – helping us to transform services so the NHS can meet the care needs of the 21st century.

These extra nurses will be funded through the Time to Care Fund – raised from a mansion tax on properties over £2m, cracking down on tax avoidance and a new levy on tobacco firms

Julian Ware-Lane said: “Our health service is in crisis under the Tories. The NHS as we know it cannot survive another five years of David Cameron.

“If we want a world-class NHS then we need enough nurses with the time to care for patients. That’s why I’m proud that the next Labour government will bring in the Time to Care fund which will see the East of England benefit from 1,800 more nurses.

“The truth is that only Labour can save the NHS from the Tories. Our plan is a blueprint to raise standards of care and ensure our health service is sustainable in the 21st century.”

Andy Burnham, Shadow Health Secretary, said: “David Cameron has brought the NHS to the brink. There are too few staff on our wards, the bill for agency nurses is out of control and hospitals are forced to travel overseas to recruit nurses because of Cameron’s cuts to nurse training places.

“This cannot carry on. Labour will recruit more nurses in every region of England including 1,800 in the East of England. We want this new generation of nurses to be home-grown and will offer young people a new ladder into the NHS.

“This will help build an NHS with time to care, that starts in people’s homes, ends the scandal of 15-minute visits and helps keep people out of hospital.”

Labour Candidate Julian Ware-Lane supports Labour’s one-week cancer test guarantee

julian portrait_01Cllr Julian Ware-Lane, Labour Candidate for Southend West, is backing Labour’s new pledge for a one-week cancer test guarantee.

The next Labour government will ensure that NHS patients in England will wait no longer than one week for cancer tests and results by 2020. Early diagnosis is a critical tool in the fight against cancer and this pledge could make a huge difference to those at risk from the disease.

The cancer test guarantee will be made possible by £750 million of new investment over five years, raised through a new levy on tobacco firms which make huge profits from their products which cause so much ill-health.

Julian also welcomes Ed Miliband’s wish that our health service have the best cancer survival rates in Europe, which could save up to 10,000 lives a year. The number of people waiting too long to get cancer tests are going up in Essex. In August this year, 63 patients waited longer than six weeks for cancer tests compared to 34 in the same month last year.

Julian said: “Many people I have spoken to in Southend West are concerned about David Cameron’s plans for the National Health Service. An expensive top-down reorganisation is not what is wanted at the moment, and the privatisation agenda sits ill with many. The Tories haven’t just destabilised our health service; they’re holding it back from meeting the challenges of the modern world as well. Only Labour can be trusted to protect and improve the NHS.”

“I am backing Labour’s pledge to guarantee that NHS patients in England will wait no longer than one week for cancer tests and results by 2020. Early diagnosis means treatment is more likely to be successful so this is an essential pledge if we’re going to lead the fight against cancer and save more lives in our area.”

We need an NHS that meets the challenges of the modern world. We need a modern health and care service that offers the best cancer survival rate in Europe. Only Labour can be trusted to protect the NHS and with the Time to Care Fund and the one-week cancer test guarantee, we’ll ensure we have a health service fit for the 21st century.

Fight against cuts and privatisation at Southend Hospital


Are they listening?


And now the NHS is subject to cuts in Essex

David Cameron, and Nick Clegg, made many promises in the run up to last May’s General Election. It is fast becoming evident that their words were of the ‘say anything to get elected’ variety as promises and pledges are being torn up.

The latest kick in the teeth comes as it now transpires that promises about “NHYes” prove to be as reliable as pledges about tuition fees – a vital ward at Southend Hospital is about to be shut and some operations in Essex are no longer to be performed.

The creation of the National Health Service stands as the premier achievement of any Labour Government. It flowers under Labour, and struggles against underfunding and cuts whenever the Tories hold the reins of power.

Labour’s achievements in reducing waiting lists are likely to be reversed, and any hope of the Cancer Guarantee being implemented, or weekend access to GPs, is disappearing over the horizon. The next Labour Government will, once again, be faced with a repair job on the NHS.

The lie that there is no alternative to these savage cuts is starting to unravel as the Tories are starting to lose support in the polls, and the Lib Dems plumb new depths of unpopularity. The Tories, with the connivance of Clegg’s orange book cronies, are engineering a society where education once again becomes the domain of an elite and where healthcare is a lottery. Theirs is an ideological attack on public services.

The Big Society is a fiction, only a Good Society serves all of the people.

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Apparently we are experiencing a baby boom, which began in 2001

Numbers sent to me recently show that therehas been an increase in the number of midwives employed in the NHS.

Below is the number of full-time equivalent midwives in the NHS in each English region on 30 September 2009 (the annual snapshot is always taken on that date), with the change on 2008.

North East

1064 up 1
North West 3053 up 21
Yorkshire and the Humber 2063 up 116
East Midlands 1411 up 60
West Midlands 2234 up 57
East of England 1831 up 30
London 3784 up 33
South East Coast 1522 up 109
South Central 1332 up 31
South West 1943 up 140
England 20236 up 597

You can trust the creators of the NHS to cherish it

It is said that the very wealthiest would give all their money away on the deathbeds for another day of life. As with all sayings it paints a highly simplistic picture, but there is a real nugget of truth in it nonetheless. That nugget is that whatever riches you may have, good health beats everything.

This truth, and the belief in equality, is what drove Labour to create the National Health System (NHS) more than sixty years ago. Good quality healthcare, free at the point of delivery, to all, given on the basis of need, is in my humble view the standout achievement of the last century. None but the very old can recall that visits to doctors and dentists were denied to the very poor. My departed father could tell many horror stories, which included him losing all of his teeth through malnutrition in the 1930s. There is much that we take for granted these days.

Such is the quality of service on offer that we feel cheated if an expensive drug is denied us, and what was once the preserve of expensive American hospitals and the Tomorrow’s World TV programme is now an everyday reality in our NHS hospitals.

Not that we should rest on our laurels. We have become accustomed to high standards, and rightly so.

I was delighted when our Prime Minister gave his support to enforceable patient guarantees recently. This means that patients, not offered care meeting guaranteed standards, will have the right to be treated privately with the costs met by the NHS.

Better than this, and perhaps my opinion is biased by familial experience here, is the cancer guarantee to see a specialist within two weeks of referral by a GP and to all cancer test results within one week. I am puzzled and disappointed in Conservative refusals to back this particular guarantee.

A number of other guarantees are also promised, such as the GP access guarantee, meaning evening and weekend access for all.

That the Conservatives would scrap Labour’s patient guarantees belies their “NHYes” soundbite. Those with memories stretching back to beyond 1997 will recall patients on trolleys in corridors and aspirations of an eighteen-month maximum wait time (eighteen weeks is now the maximum, with fourteen weeks being the average). The Conservatives chronically underinvested in the NHS when last in power and they should not be trusted with it again.

Once bitten, twice shy is how the Tories should be viewed when it comes to promises on our greatest national institution – they cannot be trusted.

Britain’s former Deputy Prime Minister tells America – “Ignore Hannan. Britain’s proud of the NHS!”

Britain’s former Deputy Prime Minister tells America – “Ignore Hannan. Britain’s proud of the NHS!” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zt9nGAWiKM

(With apologies to Fall Out Boy) Champagne for the Tories? Real pain for us if Hannan gets his way

It may suit David Cameron to dismiss the arguments than Mad Dan Hannan makes about the NHS, but it is evident that he articulates the view of many within the Conservative Party.

Behind all those social Conservatives there is a hang ’em and flog ’em unreconstructed dinosaur biting on their knuckles.

Clearly being gagged are those who would slash public services, including healthcare, cut taxes for the rich, and impose their pseudo-Darwinian worldview that will mean misery for those in greatest need. Who knows, maybe we might even leave the EU?

It is a matter of opinion as to whether those on the far right will get a look in if Cammo ever gets the keys to number ten, but the outspoken MEP is being lauded as a rising star on the right. This should be a wake-up call to every social liberal out there. Thatcher seems positively benign compared to Hannan.