Southend-on-Sea Health Profile 2014

I have just been taking a peak at the Southend-on-Sea Health Profile 2014. Here are some highlights, if that is the appropriate term.

Population: 175,000

Health in summary
The health of people in Southend-on-Sea is varied compared with the England average. Deprivation is higher than average and about 23.5% (7,700) children live in poverty. Life expectancy for women is lower than the England average.

Living longer
Life expectancy is 10.1 years lower for men and 9.7 years lower for women in the most deprived areas of Southend-on-Sea than in the least deprived areas.

Health inequalities is something that deeply concerns me, and it is something I have brought up on a number of occasions in council meetings, and elsewhere. This map illustrates the issue quite neatly. The darker the green, the more deprived the area.Deprivarion_in_SoS

Whilst it is true that this map represents generalisations, it clearly shows a large cluster of deprivation in the town centre wards.

The profile, in full, can be accessed here.