Education in Southend West – some relevant statistics

As a result of the Conservatives’ education policies, there are 146 unqualified teachers in schools in Southend-on-Sea – a rise of 13.20% in the last year.

In Southend-on-Sea, approximately 3,700 children are being taught by unqualified teachers.

There are still 2,195 children in schools in Southend West that are rated by Ofsted as less than ‘good’.

There are 412 infants being taught in large classes of over 30 in Southend-on-sea – a rise of 221.90% since 2010.

There are 146 fewer registered childcare places in Southend-on-sea since 2010.

There are 5 fewer designated Sure Start children’s centres in Southend-on-Sea since 2010.

The cost of a part-time nursery place in The Eastern Region has risen by 23% since 2010.