Rotten apples, the Tories in touch with an alternate reality in St Laurence

stLaurenceInTouchCompared to previous endeavours, the latest from St Laurence’s Tory twosome is a masterpiece. The is not to applaud the combined efforts of Buckley and Flewitt – it merely emphasises just how dire the Tory output from that corner of Southend has been in recent years.

It now appears that Trust Links are part of the Conservative ‘St Laurence Action Team’. Not only do their contact details appear under this title on page four of this leaflet, Matt King is now proudly endorsing them. I have yet to politicise any community group in my Milton literature.

Not shy when it comes to claiming credit when it is not due them, the Tories in St Laurence ward are making all sorts of noises as regards to the St Laurence Orchard. However, I fear that they are twenty years late in claiming success; Labour’s Reg Copley was the chief instigator in preserving trees in this area.

This can be added to a lengthening list of items marked down as ‘misinformation’ by Cllr Flewitt and his coterie.

As an aside, they describe the orchard as being in Eastwood. Eastwood is a part of Leigh-on-Sea, and thus has SS9 postcodes. This orchard is in SS2, and therefore has Southend-on-Sea as its postal town. It is not really in Eastwood. It is a minor point, but it is another example of a Flewitt inaccuracy.CopleyOrchard