Ashamed and irresolute

A doctor's letter

A doctor’s letter

I guess the news that Cllr Marimuthu Velmurugan is again considering his allegiances is not really news at all.

He writes in the October 7, 2014 editon of the Leigh and Westcliff Times (issue number 813, Letters, page 66) that he is “ashamed to be part of an administration that has allowed this to happen“. He refers to the waste collection contract negotiations that have seen Cory fail to be shortlisted.

Cllr Velmurugan continues: “Whether it is the current administration to blame or the previous one doesn’t matter.

Clearly that is untrue in light of what he adds: “I will now consider my position as far as the current joint administration is concerned.

In reality the process was begun by the Conservative administration (led by Marimuthu’s beloved Cllr Holdcroft) and has been continued by the current administration. With enormous cuts being forced on the council by the Government one has to imagine that savings are being looked as regards to waste collection. Cory are a small company that cannot offer the economies of scale offered by its rivals.

I might have liked to imagine that this could be handled by the council, in-house like the days of my youth. Those days are long gone. Now that we have free enterprise involved then the market must dictate.

I am puzzled as to why he feels ‘ashamed’ – he can disagree, many will, but ashamed? Really? If he insists that Cory is retained, and they prove a more expensive option, I would invite the Westborough Independent councillor to suggest what should be cut to make this happen.

In the meantime his residents must be wondering how many more political coats he will be wearing. He was initially elected as a Labour councillor, jumped ship to become an Independent, then joined the Independent Group. Later he fell out with them, becoming a standalone independent, and most recently he re-joined the Independent Group (despite publicly declaring himself a Conservative minded Independent).

Sometimes in politics you have to take tough decisions, are faced with unpleasant choices, and have to compromise.