Basildon Borough 2015 (and from 2008)

Eight years ago I was a candidate in the then Basildon District Council elections. I was working in Dunton, was invited by the local Labour Party, and stood in Nethermayne; I did not win. My Labour Party activism began in Basildon, in the run-up to 1997 I was helping Angela Smith get elected. Yes, I have a long-standing affinity with Basildon, and it goes beyond politics (shall I list all the grounds I have refereed at there?)

Consequently I take an interest in their elections, and the fortunes of our candidates there. I was delighted to see, for instance, my good friend Allan Davies re-elected in May.

Here is a summary of this May’s results in the Basildon Borough Council elections:

Party Vote % Wins No of candidates
Conservative 42.6 8 14
UKIP 28.5 2 14
Labour 24.0 4 14
Liberal Democrat 4.5 0 11
Independent 0.4 0 2
TUSC 0.1 0 1

This chart shows the vote share for the parties in local elections in Basildon from 2008 up to today.

2008 - 2015

2008 – 2015

Labour appears to be holding steady (ish), but it does look like UKIP is eating into some of the Labour vote – and this is probably partially hidden by Lib Dem switchers. I suspect that there is all sorts of churn in voter allegiance.

The current composition of Basildon Borough Council:

18 Conservative
9 Labour
2 Independence Group
1 Independent Labour
1 Liberal Democrat

It is a minority Conservative administration, with (I gather) unofficial support from the Independence Group.

Basildon Labour: waning when they should be waxing

Phil Rackley, councillor for St Martin’s ward in the Borough of Basildon, has quit the Labour Group on the local council. His expulsion from the Party is almost inevitable.

Phil’s comments to the media, which he has also kindly sent to me, follow:

“It is with a great deal of sadness that after being a Labour Party member for well over 30 years and a Labour Councillor in Basildon for 20 years I have had to make this decision. My resignation from the group will mean my automatic expulsion from the Party but I remain a Labour Party supporter and Socialist since my resignation was not about policy but more to do with the style of leadership in the Labour Group.”

“Since the elections last May various incidents have brought me to the conclusion that, like Lynda Gordon before me, my continued membership of the Labour Group had become untenable. Myself and Cllr Lynda Gordon intend to stay as ward councillors and finish our terms of office representing our constituents in St Martins and Lee Chapel North, our political views have not changed and there is no reason why we should stand down.”

Phil and the Lynda Gordon join Daniel Munyambu as ex-Labour and now independent councillors. I am told that Daniel hopes to return to the Labour fold. Phil and Lynda’s terms of office both run to 2016 when, barring a miracle, they will be replaced in the council chamber.

I do not know what finally pushed Phil (and Lynda) to take such drastic steps, but I do know that there have been tensions in the group for some time. I imagine tensions in almost all groups, being in the same party does not mean Labour people agree on everything all of the time. One would hope that differences would be glossed over so as to help serve those that elected them. These resignations damage Labour’s hopes of running Basildon Borough Council in the short term – I find it difficult to imagine them supporting a Labour administration if they cannot support the group. I would be glad to be disabused of this notion.

I have no idea of what reception they would get if they asked to return to the fold, but I wish that this would happen. Basildon deserves better than the current Tory administration, and Phil and Lynda should be helping to make the Tories see the door marked ‘exit’ as soon as possible.

The current political set-up of the Basildon council is Conservative (25), Labour (12), Liberal Democrat (2), and Independent (3).

Lending a hand in Fryerns

Allan Davies and me

I spend most of my working week in Basildon. It is also a place where I have helped many Labour campaigns over the years – I can recall helping out in the run-up to the 1997 election when Angela Smith secured her first victory. I have even stood for council in Basildon (Nethermayne in 2007).

My good friend, Allan Davies, is up for re-election and this evening I popped by to lend a hand for an hour or two. There is also a by-election in the same ward as Councillor Paul Kirkman has stepped down. His son, David Kirkman, is hoping to be his replacement there.

Allan is always great fun on the campaign trail and working with him is a perennial pleasure.

Who to vote for in Basildon

The Labour candidates in the Basildon Borough Council elections on May 5th are

Billericay East – Patricia Reid
Billericay West – Geoffrey John Bores
Burstead – Santa Nina Bennett
Fryerns – Allan Robert Davies
Fryerns – David Thomas Kirkman
Laindon Park – John McCrea
Lee Chapel North – Nigel John Murray Smith
Nethermayne – Andrew Forrest Gordon
Pitsea North West – Keith Bobbin
Pitsea South East – Mark Paul Walker
St.Martin’s – Patricia Ann Rackley
Vange – Daniel Munyambu
Wickford Castledon – Sarah Elizabeth Davies
Wickford North – Thomas Arthur Kirkman
Wickford Park – Andrew Charles Buxton

The total number of candidates for each party is

15 Labour
15 Conservative
14 Liberal Democrat
2 Independent
1 National Front
1 No description