Stop the trade union bill

ImageGen.ashxTrades unions helped workers win health and safety law, fair wages, maternity and paternity pay and a better deal at work.

Without trade unions we would not have the rights today that we take for granted; without trade unions, we would have no paid holidays, for instance.

Days lost to industrial action (strikes) are at an all-time low. Unions these days are settling concerns at work before they become disputes. Negotiation is the order of the day in 2016.

Over six million working people and their families are supported by their unions. They are the drivers, carers, paramedics, oil workers, cabin crew, scientists – you name it, they are in a union.

So why does this Conservative government want to crush their trade unions? Their anti trade union bill is making its way through Parliament. It not fit for purpose and is dangerously ideological.

When this bill becomes law British workers will be the poorest protected, and easiest to mistreat, in the Europe. Quite an achievement for a government that pledged to be the party of working people.

In May when the local elections come I urge everyone who can vote to do so. When you go to the polls remember this – the Tory government is no friend of working people.

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