Latest opinion polls

Here is a table showing the latest opinion polls. If these are to be believed then it is a decent set of numbers for the Conservatives, and a reasonable showing for UKIP. The Liberal Democrats and the Greens are showing no progress, which can also be said for Labour whose numbers remain unchanged from the General Election,. Jeremy Corbyn is doing no worse than Ed Miliband, but no better either – at the moment.

Lab Con LD UKIP Grn
28 December 2015 ICM 34 39 7 10 3
20 December 2015 Opinium 30 38 5 16 5
20 December 2015 ComRes 33 37 7 11 5
18 December 2015 ComRes 29 40 7 16 3
averages 31.5 38.5 6.5 13.25 4


One Response to Latest opinion polls

  1. Malcolm Fincken says:

    If Jeremy Corbyn is unwise enough to ‘purge’ the Shadow Cabinet, these are likely to be the best figures for Labour for a long time.

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