Pick it up

009I think my years as a campaigner on animal welfare issues mark me out as an obvious animal lover. I number dogs amongst these, and whilst never a dog owner myself, on many occasions I have borrowed friends’ dogs to take them for walks.

I want to express my thanks to the legions of dog owners who lavish love on man’s (and woman’s) best friend. I particular pick out those who understand that dog ownership comes with responsibilities. These include looking after your pet’s welfare, ensuring a healthy pooch is a well-exercised one. The many owners who understand that if their dog poos then this must be picked up and disposed properly should also be congratulated; these are the vast majority of dog owners.

But, a black mark must goes against those dog owners who find it acceptable to allow their pets to do their business in the middle of pavements, etc, and care not to pick it up. They let themselves down, they let all dog owners down, they let the community down.

I ask that all who walk their dogs, wherever they do this, to be responsible. Dog poo is unhealthy (especially for our smaller citizens), unsightly, and sometimes even dangerous.

Please pick up after your pet.

One Response to Pick it up

  1. neilroyunite says:

    If any leaflets are about regarding this. I would deliver  this is  a problem in roads off leigh broadway.. Just a local thing I could start with Neil

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