Vote! Southend’s best ward

Anyone who has had an email from Cllr Aylen will have seen his sign-off :

Cllr Stephen Aylen
Voted best ward 2015

Prepared as I am to test any theory out, I will now see whether his assertion is borne out by the readership of this humble blog. Please vote!



3 Responses to Vote! Southend’s best ward

  1. neilroyunite says:

    Well my own ward of leigh not doing to bad on 25% Only 3 wards voted on ….how long as this being running?

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  2. Martin Berry says:

    What was the base of the poll that Stephen Aylen is quoting? Friends of his, Belfairs residents, or what?

    While I like your picking up on this Julian, I am not at all in favour of there being a ‘Best Ward’ at all. Councillor Aylen (and indeed you and all councillors) are elected to do the best for the area as a whole, not just for their individual wards. Many of the people of leafy and comfortable Belfairs do indeed live in great circumstances and, sadly and despite your and others’ fantastic efforts, that’s not true for residents in Milton and elsewhere. Stephen is being self-aggrandising and I suggest that others shouldn’t do similar. Let’s all work to make Southend and Rochford better places for all, rather than compete over making bits of it ‘the best’.

  3. Steve Aylen says:

    I’m Stephen Aylen and what martin Berry says is spot on
    I would like to assure I as all the other councillors work hard to make all southend the best.

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