Murderous bastards

I am not sure of the accuracy of my words, but I can only described those murderous bastards as psychopaths.

I was in an American Diner in Berlin, watching France beat Germany 2-0, when it became clear that something was up. The commentary, naturally, was in German, but a newsflash at half-time seem to suggest a terrorist act somewhere, and it became obvious something had happened near the stadium when so many went onto the pitch and stayed there, after the final whistle.

I am a fighter for the causes I believe in, but I choose words as my weapon. I do not arbitrarily attack innocents. Nor do I choose to throw my own life away. I am also minded to add that I accept that I have no right to demand that everyone do things my way or else. I accept that I will often be out-voted; I only ask that I be heard.

There will always be psychopaths, and there seems little we can do about that. We live in a world, though, that makes being a murderous bastard quite straightforward. In a world with as many weapons as we have, and more being produced every day, it is inevitable that these will fall into the hands of psychopaths.

I accept that there has to be weaponry; even my pacifist father would say that “Hitler had to be stopped”. Taking action to prevent further crime, murder, etc is one thing, and enabling the police and security forces to be able to carry out their duties is a must. But, we produce far more weapons than is needed. I do not believe I am an isolated voice when I wish for fewer weapons to be produced.

Guns ultimately are useful for one thing only, killing. Do not be surprised when they are used for these purposes. We have got to make the world a more peaceful place. We can start by stop manufacturing quite so many weapons. (You can add your voice to this campaign, for example.)

We will have ever more sophisticated means of tracking organised murderous bastards, and this will help keep us safe. However, this comes with the sacrifice of some of our civil liberties. Our freedom is threatened on many levels by the proliferation of objects of killing. We ought to be able to put a check on this.


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