Red light jumping bus

001Dear First Essex

Today I witnessed what is likely the worst example of bad and dangerous driving by a bus driver that I can recall.

At just before 11am this morning a number 27 joined the London Road from Leigh Road. It did so by going straight through a red light (and did similar at the next red light). The second incident admittedly was not as bad as the first – which happened right in front of me.

Turning right the bus crossed two lanes of traffic. Not only did I have to take evasive action, so did the road users travelling in the opposite direction. The bus was driving at what appeared to be excessive speed considering a ninety degree turn was being executed.

There is an epidemic of road users ignoring red traffic signals in Southend-on-Sea, and this is clearly dangerous. When a bus does it, it verges on recklessness.

I have attached a photo of the bus (taken just after the incident), and from the registration mark I hope you can identify the driver and remind him of his responsibilities to his passengers and to other road users. I do not want to know who he is, or what action you are to take – but I do seek assurances that he (it was a male) will be spoken to before he succeeds he causing serious injury.

Incidents like this do nothing to enhance the reputation of public transport.


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