The malingering disabled (or so those that issue blue badges would have you believe)

Twice recently I have been contacted by Milton residents in respect of their blue disabled badges. These badges are issued to those whose disability means that they have to park near to home or where they are driving or being driven to.

Gentleman A has had his blue badge for eight years. This year, though, he was denied a renewal.

Lady B had had her badge for six years. Again, her re-assessment has meant that this lifeline to the outside world was removed.

Both Gentleman A and Lady B are elderly and, unless they defy all known medical science, are not getting better. The health conditions that saw them issued originally would have worsened rather than improved in the intervening years. This suggests one question: why are their blue badges no longer considered necessary?

The answer put simply is that goalposts have been moved. This must be part of an agenda, encouraged by a Conservative Government that sees society’s ills as being down to its most vulnerable members. Thus, those once considered to have disability are now considered fit – a no mean transformation.

Of course, no such transformation has actually taken place. Gentleman A and Lady B are as much in need of their blue badges as ever, more so considering that their conditions are worsened.

Those that change the assessment criteria must, one presumes, seem malingerers everywhere. It would also seem that the distribution of blue badges to people such as I have described is a sin against the more able, younger, and the fit.

Do not grow old and infirm is the clear message here – for a caring society is being replaced by one that treats such people with ill-disguised disdain.

3 Responses to The malingering disabled (or so those that issue blue badges would have you believe)

  1. dave batter says:

    Julian, with all your door knocking over the years have you not met a blue badge holder who is swinging the lead, on in the case of one I know regularly swinging a golf club.

  2. Rob Brown says:

    I have Dave and a couple are even proud of it. Never feel I can report due to confidentiality. What is your opinion on this Julian.

  3. dave batter says:

    I recently reported an unused disabled bay, there must be many in the town that could be returned to general use.
    I have been assured by Brenda Frost [] it will be investigated, this was 3rd Sept all I got time wise was an ASAP

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