Lensbury & Britannic House – 5th XV

1218I moved into my current house about nine and a half years ago. Amongst a few things left behind by the previous occupants was the a team photograph of a rugby union team. This was found either in the attic or an outbuilding – I really cannot recall which. I have held onto it as because of its age. It is possible that some photographed here may have no other pictographic record of their existence.

For some time I have been meaning to do some research with a view to passing this on to someone who would have a real interest on the photo. Today, at last, I am doing this.

According to Wikipedia:

The Lensbury Club (“Lensbury Social and Athletic Club”) was established in 1920 as a sports club for Shell staff in the United Kingdom … In 1933 the club merged with “Britannic House”, a similar club operated by BP, and created a joint venture known as the “Lensbury and Britannic House Associated Clubs” – an arrangement that lasted for thirty years.

If anyone would like this photograph, please contact me and we can arrange collection or delivery. It deserves a better home than my garage, where it has lain collecting dust and cobwebs.

The picture here is poor – it is mounted on card and the card has a slight curve on it. It does look its age, but otherwise is in reasonable condition.

Anyway, here is what is written on the card.

SEASON 1935-36

G. Lightfoot (Referee)
E. J. Hart
J. Murray
C. G. Deck
I. B. Nicol
E. A. Cowderoy
M. J. Cooke
N. A. Graystone
S. Hunn
J. D. Meeke
R. L. Leisk (Vice-Capt.)
P. R. Chorley (Capt.)
J. Button
H. F. Williamson
R. G. Haws
I. Rennie



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