What Liz stands for

At my CLP’s nomination meeting I was the advocate for Liz Kendall. I created some notes for the meeting, which in the end I did not use. I think they may be useful for those who want a quick understanding of what she stands for.

Liz will win power to give it back

Liz will devolve real power to the regions, moving power not just from Whitehall to Town Halls, but down to our communities. Liz trusts people to make decisions about their own lives, communities and services.
In politics to tackle inequality
Some of the poorest kids start school over a year behind their classmates, so Liz will prioritise spending on early years education, giving them best chance of succeeding in the future.
We all worry about our parents (and ourselves) getting older.

That’s why Liz wants families to choose their own carer – and to ensure that carers are properly rewarded. She’ll outlaw carers not being paid for travel time and having to buy their own uniforms.

Building a living wage society, with a real living wage

That means more powers for the low pay commission to drive up wages and reviewing tax loopholes to find the money to give public sector workers the pay rise they deserve.

Liz is the candidate the Tories fear

She gives us the best chance of beating the Tories in 2020. For the millions who need us, that’s what really matters. Because, if we don’t win, we can’t put any of our values into action.

Oppose the attacks on trade unionists, fight for a strong voice for workers

As Labour leader, Liz will fight to oppose the Tories’ attacks on working people, and today’s blatant attack on the rights of trade unionists to organise and withdraw their labour.

As Prime Minister in a Labour government, Liz will:
• Make it a priority to reverse these Tory anti-trade union laws
• Give workers a greater say and share in their workplace
• Take practical steps such as allowing online ballots over industrial action

A strong role for trade unions in the 21st Century is essential, and as a proud trade unionist Liz will fight to defend the existence of effective, free and independent trade unions.

If George Osborne won’t tackle low pay Liz will

Balancing the books is not just about how much you spend or how many jobs there are; it’s also about how much people in our society earn. Labour’s historic mission has always been to build nation of people in work and, crucially, ensure a decent standard of pay for all.

The Tories’ record on low pay shows contempt for those who don’t earn enough to get by – and their plan to attack in work tax credits shows they just don’t understand what life is like for millions of people who have to make every penny count. The Tories won’t tackle low pay, they’ll make life for the low paid worse.

Liz is determined to lead a country where everyone gets the fair day’s pay their hard work deserves.

Liz Kendall pledges to scrap failed Tory work programme and give powers to local government

Labour leadership candidate Liz Kendall has pledged to scrap the Tories’ controversial work programme as a “failed experiment in welfare privatisation” and hand down control of welfare to work scheme to cities.

UK should be calling for UN action on LGBT rights not banning Pride flags

Labour leadership candidate Liz Kendall has called on United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to appoint a special envoy for LGBT rights as part of achieving equality globally.

The Labour party Liz leads will always remember its purpose

We must end the scourge of illiteracy and innumeracy, broaden the horizons of our young people and give everyone a better chance in life. Under my leadership, Labour will do just that.
So my approach to building a fairer Britain – and reducing the crippling inequality that shames our nation and holds it back – will be rooted in transforming the life chances of all our children; by backing our teachers and parents but challenging them too. And our economic credibility will be based on having a plan that starts before children are born and follows them through the ups and downs of their lives.

And it will be based on a simple truth – that a Labour Party that isn’t talking about education and social mobility has forgotten what it exists for.

Liz wants to increase the number of women Labour councillors by a third

Our councillors are the backbone of our party, working hard to spread the Labour message and deliver Labour values locally. This is why it is just as important that at the local level, as well as the national, our politics looks and sounds like the communities we serve.

Britain needs to play a leading role in Europe

Liz Kendall appoints Margaret Hodge to investigate Britain’s £100bn tax relief bill

The Labour leadership hopeful, who has described regaining the party’s reputation for economic credibility as “the gateway to government”, has appointed Margaret Hodge, the former chair of the Public Accounts Committee and a renowned tax avoidance campaigner, to look into the United Kingdom’s £100bn annual tax relief.

In addition …

Liz has said that she would never close a successful school.
The country should always come first, not the party.
The UK should spend at last 2 per cent of GDP on defence.
Harriet Harman is right — Labour need to understand that the voters did not trust them on welfare, and that regaining that trust is as important as gaining a reputation for economic competence.

Liz is backed by

Alistair Darling
Chuka Umunna MP
Emma Reynolds MP
Stephen Twigg MP
Jonathan Reynolds MP
John Reid
Paul Brannen MEP
Rod Liddle
Simon Danczuk MP
Ivan Lewis MP
Brenda Dean, former general secretary of Sogat
Maggie Jones, Director of Policy and Public Affairs at Unison
Margaret Prosser, former deputy general secretary of the TGWU
Margaret Wall, former boss of Amicus
Hopi Sen
John Mills (top Labour donor)
Mark Ferguson (former LabourList editor)
Paul Flynn MP
Tristram Hunt MP
Gavin Shuker
Lord Glasman
Stephen Timms MP
Gloria de Piero MP
John Woodcock MP
Margaret Hodge MP
Toby Perkins MP
Dave Rowntree
… and many more.


2 Responses to What Liz stands for

  1. dave batter says:

    Why were the majority of these points NOT sorted when Labour was in power, could that be the reason they are not in power now?

  2. Harriet Harman is right — Labour need to understand that the voters did not trust them on welfare

    Presumably it is “internal polling” that convinces Labour that the electorate have bought the Tories’ “all welfare beneficiaries are scroungers” message. But does that excuse swinging like a weather-vane and aping the Tories?

    Perhaps it is about time Labour started to try and convince us that we are all one accident away from depending on a welfare state and that a sense of community is better than pure American style individualism (because that is the Tories’ next stop).

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