Do not forget about the peace dividend

The history of nations can appear at times to be a procession of violence as war follows war, battle is succeeded by battle.

Centuries of bloody conflict has been Europe’s story, reaching its zenith in the bloodiest century of the lot, the twentieth. The two world wars saw great swathes of the continent trashed as millions of lives were destroyed.

The conclusion of the Second World war saw the beginning of negotiations that were primarily aimed at trying to end conflict – and these negotiations culminated in the creation of the Common Market. The European Union, as it has now become styled, was created to encourage peace, and it has been successful.

Western Europe has seen no war since 1945.

As we, the British people, begin to consider whether we want to remain part of the EU, let us not lose sight of this peace dividend. Of course there are good arguments about prosperity that in themselves justify our membership of the EU, but the carnage that has been a regular feature of` European history is becoming an ever more distant memory, and I hope it remains that way.

The seventy years that have elapsed since the defeat of the Nazis has softened memories of what war is really like. Peace is too precious to be lost to concerns over the UK’s place in Europe. As we head towards the referendum I hope all voters will recall this peace dividend, and remind themselves just how valued it is.


4 Responses to Do not forget about the peace dividend

  1. moyies says:

    To Link peace with the eu is to have complete lack of awareness of reality. Nat has kept the peace.
    On the other hand the eu will be the catalyst for internal conflict as a result of extreme poverty.

  2. The facts are as follows.

    In 1949, formation of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO).

    In 1952, formation of European Coal and Steel Community (ECS).
    In 1957, formation of European Economic Community (EEC).
    In 1993, formation of European Union (EU).

    NATO and the Nuclear Deterrence (including MAD) have kept the peace.
    To claim anything else is factually incorrect and historically inaccurate!

  3. Sorry, disagree. NATO has keep an uneasy peace between eastern and western Europe, although it has been involved in a number of conflicts. NATO forces have been deployed on many occasions, including within Europe.

    The EU has kept peace between its members, and that is a fact.

  4. In the UK we don’t have those military cemetery’s that you see in N.France, Belgium, Netherlands etc. They are a great reminder of what Europe went through in recent history, and why, even though we are isolated as an island, need to be a part of it and not looking in from the sidelines. To make things work, you need to work together.

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