Effective communication

Are we communicating effectively? By we, I mean Southend-on-Sea Borough Council. Amongst the litany of failures by the previous Conservative administration was their awful track record when it came to keeping residents informed of what was going on. Of course, they cherry-picked those that put them in the best light when it came to their glossy leaflets.

There is a noticeable drip-feed from residents who are concerned that they are sometimes kept in the dark with what is happening on their doorsteps. It is not always that they find themselves disagreeing with what is going on; but they are often left with guesses. It is this lack of information which causes antagonism.

In the short time that the grand coalition of those determined to keep the Tories from failing the borough further have been running the town there has been improvements. This is most obviously evidenced in the current administrations attitudes to surveys; lo, we are actually listening to what our residents want. Radical (or perhaps not), and certainly a departure from the failed Conservative administration.

We could do better, and we should, and I think we will – despite savage Conservative Government’s cuts.

I hope I can wield some influence and make the listening council a talking one too.


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