The Labour leadership contest in Twitter followers

And now for the Twitter followers; here are the Labour leadership, and deputy leadership, hopefuls and their tally of Twitter followers. I have used to accounts with the most followers, which is not necessarily the ones they are using for the leadership campaigns.

79,000 Andy Burnham (@andyburnhammp)
68,800 Yvette Cooper (@YvetteCooperMP)
33,800 Liz Kendall (@leicesterliz)
12,700 JeremyCorbyn4Leader (@Corbyn4Leader)

173,000 tom_watson (@tom_watson)
61,300 stellacreasy (@stellacreasy)
35,700 Caroline Flint (@CarolineFlintMP)
28,800 Ben Bradshaw (@BenPBradshaw)
15,300 Angela Eagle (@angelaeagle)

Tom Watson again leads amongst the deputy leader candidates. This feels a lot closer to current standing of the candidates in each race. There is still six weeks to go before ballot papers start hitting doormats, and I expect changes in the relative standing of the contenders.

I certainly expect Liz Kendall’s standing to improve as she maps out her vision for a winning party come 2020. I also expect the Corbyn momentum to slow up – the numbers on his wing of the party are quite low, and the fans will have already joined. I cannot see many converts to his cause, whereas the other three contenders could easily see churn in their support.

Jeremy, as far as I am able to tell, either gets the number one slot or the number four – if you want a a broad-base appeal candidate his firebrand approach is quite off-putting.

The deputy leadership contest is arguably the more interesting. Whilst I do not doubt the national popularity of Watson, amongst those of my acquaintance he is outshone by Creasy, Flint and Bradshaw. None of them provide the radical alternatives displayed by both Kendall and Corbyn in the main contest, and therefore it is actually a much more difficult choice.

I am still backing Liz Kendall for the big job. As for her deputy, I still favour Caroline Flint, although I am very impressed with both Ben Bradshaw and Stella Creasy.


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