Corrigendum, a weekend

With Cllr Nevin at the vintage fair

With Cllr Nevin at the vintage fair

I recall one conversation where the promise of a vote depended on my knowledge of Thomas Paine. This really was a unique conversation, and eleven years later it is still a strong memory. There have many memorable doorstep encounters over the years.

Recently I was seen off with “you only ever come around at election time”; this was some eleven months before the next election, so self-evidently untrue. Whilst many are welcoming, some, it would seem, have been storing up their prejudices in anticipation of a politician’s visit. I have been called a liar, a cheat, only in it (trying to serve) for what I can get out of it. These are rare, and never as frustrating as the seeming legion of disenchanted and disengaged for whom voting is something other people do. However, there are some who are so convinced by the accepted narrative that they will not allow the contradicting evidence to deter them from repeating what they’ve allowed themselves to be convinced of.

“Cheers, dude”; and thus one conversation ended thus. It was a conversation notable for the “what is it with UKIP?” comment; this resident was no fan.

I am trying to find out what put people off from supporting Labour this time. This is not a conversation to be had with those who backed us this time; those supporting us in our electoral nadir are the nearest thing to a sure thing in voting terms. It is the Tory and other parties supporters who interest me. Of course, many would never lend their vote to Labour, but nonetheless it is illuminating to hear their views. This is not a political comfort zone, but it is (in the humble opinion of this observer) a necessary discourse.

One thing I think I have detected is the unravelling of the shy Tory phenomenon. In the run-in to May 7th it is apparent (with the benefit of hindsight) that there were many Tories who were reluctant to admit as much. Cameron’s victory appears to have encouraged them to out themselves. This is how it seems to me, in my small snapshot.

This weekend I paid a visit to the High Street to watch the march for Armed Forces Day. I also went to Warrior Square Gardens for the vintage fair being held there. and to Old Leigh for the folk festival. Of course, the highlight was the overnight stay of my granddaughter, Nellie.

Leigh Folk Festival

Leigh Folk Festival


One Response to Corrigendum, a weekend

  1. Tris says:

    Ed Milliband on the BBC debate was asked ‘Do you think Labour spent too much’? No was his reply, LETAL moment of the 2015 election for Labour.

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