The Greens in the East

The Green Party stood candidates in fifty-four of the fifty-eight East of England constituencies, and they lost their deposit in forty-three of them. They only attracted above a tenth of the vote in one constituency, which must be a disappointment for them.

Their best vote shares in the East:

13.9% Norwich South
7.9% Bury St Edmunds
7.9% Cambridge
6.3% South Cambridgeshire
5.9% Suffolk Coastal

And their worst:

0% Basildon and Billericay
0% Hertsmere
0% South Basildon and East Thurrock
0% Thurrock
2.2% Great Yarmouth
2.2% Harlow

My opponent in Southend West attracted 4.7%, and in Rochford and Southend East they just about saved their deposit with 5.0% of the popular vote. All round Essex was not fertile territory (Colchester saw their best vote share with 5.1%) although I doubt this will put them off.


One Response to The Greens in the East

  1. D says:

    Whilst I dont know the stats myself – might be it useful/more balanced to identify any increases in membership, % of vote, new candidates or votes in general. As it wasn’t an ‘opinion piece’, maybe room for a bit more rounding.

    just my thought 🙂

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