Warm, cramped, too long, and at the wrong time – today’s DCC

I paid a flying visit to Development Control today, if two hours can be considered flying. I left with much of the agenda yet to be reached, but I left after what I was there for had been discussed.

People were queuing out of the door of committee room one when I arrived, but I had to queue jump as I needed to speak with the committee chair.

The first item, discussed for about an hour, was Crown College in Sutton Road. Since I am a shareholder of the Southend Labour Hall and Institute, a near (ish) neighbour should I have declared an interest? I did not contribute to the debate anyway, which was largely concerned that this was an over-large development.

The second item should have been The Esplanade pub re-development. This application was withdrawn, and I believe it will be considered at a later date.

The next item was an extension in Thorpe Bay – passed unanimously.

At last we came to my item, the Leas sun shelter. I shall reproduce my words in the next posting, but a number of others spoke both for and against. I think Cllr Lamb must enjoy enunciating my name as he gave me three mentions! The highlight of the discussion was the revelation that the only time Anna Waite spoke to Cllr Walker was to shout at him in a meeting! Anyway, the Waites got their way – the motion to refuse the application was defeated by ten votes to five. No conditions were applied, which left me wondering just how temporary the structure would prove to be. I must inquire as to what timetable will be applied (if any).

My overriding impression was of a room too small for all to attend, that was very warm and stuffy. There were not enough chairs, I stood for quite a while before a chair was found for me. With a long agenda these meeting have to find a bigger home, and a more convenient start time.

When meeting up with my Basildon Borough Councillor chum last night I discovered that their Development Control Committee meetings are in the evenings, and none of their meetings start before 7pm. Now, why can’t Southend-on-Sea do likewise?


One Response to Warm, cramped, too long, and at the wrong time – today’s DCC

  1. Steve Aylen says:

    I note the comment the only time Anna Waite spoke to Cllr Walker was to shout at him in a meeting. Mrs Waite actually thought she was shouting at me and the long standing joke was that Chris and I can’t be told apart as we look the same.
    Chris pointed out that he was him and not me and Mrs Waite proceeded to shout at me . I looked at her and said if I want to be shouted at I will go home and get shout at properly and walked away .

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