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Such delighful company, young and eager Matt and Gray in Blenheim Park ward yesterday

Such delighful company, young and eager Matt and Gray in Blenheim Park ward yesterday

“So” says I to a resident, “why did Labour lose the election?” “I have no idea” responds the resident, “I have always voted Labour”. As the conversation developed it became clear that this particular voter could not understand why anyone would not want to vote Labour. It is not always like that. Whilst the prevailing opinion appears to be that either an unlikeable leader or poor economic performance when last in led to our downfall, there are those who venture alternate views.

One person was convinced that Tony Blair’s involvement, albeit limited, caused our failure. Some thought we were too left wing, others say we are not left enough. A number of voices did not want the SNP and believed, despite the denials, that a Labour Government would end up in coalition with Nicola Sturgeon’s party. Welfare is mentioned, and immigration in some quarters is seen as primary; the forthcoming EU referendum is also mentioned.

Is there anything more frustrating than being told that they wanted a Labour Government, and then following it up with either “but I didn’t vote” or “I voted for XXXXXX instead”. How anyone expects a Labour Government to materialise unless they vote for it baffles me.

And one must not forget the abstainers. These, despite an increase in turnout, still amounts to one in three voters. The “they are all the same” argument is widespread, as is the view that all politicians are liars/cheats/in it for themselves (delete as applicable). However, you do get the occasional “oh I forgot” and “I was too busy”. And you would be surprised at the number of those who admit that they just do not understand politics or what the parties stood for.

In amongst conversations about Labour’s woes I did have several people tell me about crime and anti-social behaviour issues. I do not believe that the prospect of more policing cuts is going to be welcomed everywhere. For some reason crime has come up quite a few times recently, in one guise or another. I am not suggesting that general fearfulness has risen, but whilst I promise to speak with the local policing teams about whatever is troubling said resident, I am mindful that increasingly scarce police resources are bound to mean a devaluing of the response.

Oh, and whilst my re-election campaign swings into action (yes, I could be an ex-councillor in eleven months time) I am also helping out elsewhere when I can – this weekend in Blenheim Park ward. Now, if it would stop raining I might get more done …..

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