Councillor allowances in 2013 – 2014

I do not have the figures for the civic year just ended, and these figures relate to the 2013 – 2014 civic year in Southend-on-Sea.

Here are the top ten councillors in terms of allowances and expenses received.

Holdcroft West Leigh Conservative £38,187.12
Lamb West Leigh Conservative £24,294.54
Kelly Southchurch Conservative £20,347.56
Jarvis West Shoebury Conservative £19,403.76
Courtenay Blenheim Park Conservative £19,219.16
Moring Eastwood Park Conservative £19,179.18
J Garston Milton Conservative £19,122.86
Cox West Shoebury Conservative £19,098.66
Salter Belfairs Conservative £19,098.66
Norman Victoria Labour £17,021.08

The basic allowance was £8,486.04, and the additional sums reflect special allowances added on top. This being the last year of the previous Conservative administration I guess it is no surprise that they dominate the top earners table.

Seven councillors also claimed for travel and subsistence – all Conservative, and headed by Cllr Lamb whose claim amounted to £533.70.

The grand total of all allowances is £633,691.88 This is lower than when I last wrote about councillor allowances in Southend-on-Sea. The total in 2010 – 2011 was £666,257.79, some £32,565.91 higher than for 2013 – 2014.


7 Responses to Councillor allowances in 2013 – 2014

  1. Rob Brown says:

    How much is an annual ticket on Southend buses? Surely no transport costs can be justified higher than this. Inclusion of allowances due to having a portfolio or leadership role should be excluded as obviously these come with a greater time cost that needs to be (at least somewhat) compensated.

  2. In borough travel is excluded (i.e. you are not allowed to claim it). My travel expenses were for the sadly too frequent trips I had to make to secure children’s homes in different parts of the country to sit on a Secure Accommodation Panel as the portfolio holder that included social services.

    Not sure I’d lump expenses (which are rather different to councillors’ allowances, effectively a salary) with allowances, but they rather help Julian make some point (like when he pointed out he was no. 48 or something – because he hadn’t been in for a full year so ranked down the bottom, no other reason).

    Funnily enough backbench/opposition councillors rarely have a reason to travel out of borough on formal council business, where as portfolio holders sometimes do.

    I note Julian didn’t quote his place in the rain ranking table this time, and I’m sure when he next quotes these figures he won’t list the thousands of pounds he will receive for being on Essex Fire Authority (and the expenses he’ll no doubt claim for having to travel miles to attend the meetings).

  3. Actually, for 2013 – 2014 Cllr Phillips and Horrigan are below me, and that is because they only served a part of the year.

    As for the EFA – I have no idea what the remuneration is, or indeed that travel can be charged for. I will claim what I am entitled to, but you know that I do not grab at everything I can.

    Also, because I have yet to get a special allowance for anything I am always at the bottom. But, doubtless, that will change. I have yet to serve a partial year, so your point in this regard is entirely spurious.

  4. You have 12-13… and it was 49 (not 48th) you stated… that was for a ‘part year’ (financial, not civic, but then that’s what the budget info reports) hence you appeared so far down the list. Everyone who is elected in May does. ‘Suprious’ indeed (!!) Your (public) view that everything I says is wrong or a lie or a twist or whatever, just because I am a Conservative, does you no credit Julian!

    So will you claim travel expenses? Do you at work? The amounts claimed (even by the biggest claimants) are so small compared to the allowances/anything else, yet seem to be raised the most by the then opposition… why? I have no idea. Just stiring I reckon!

    A few thousand for EFA. Not sure there are any other outside bodies that pay now, certainly not that well.

  5. James, you are touchy this morning! I have merely put some facts up, and you feel obliged to defend yourself (against what I am not sure). If I claim any expenses I will not feel ashamed for so doing.

    I very occasionally get expenses in my current job – something like three times in nine years, and then it was for trivial amounts.

    As for the partial year thing: I have only served full civic years, whilst my first year as a councillor began a short way into the financial year.

  6. Probably having walked 29 miles yesterday doesn’t help the grumpiness levels! 🙂

    I’d be surprised if the figures you are quoting are civic rather than financial years. Check your first year’s amount vs someone who wasn’t first elected that year and I suspect you’ll find it was a little lower hence you only served part of that year (a big part, but a part no less).

    You didn’t just present the facts, you dedicated a paragraph to travel expenses and pointed out they were all Conservatives… The amounts I claimed were non trivial – because I couldn’t be bothered to claim trivial amounts – but the suggestion, hower subtle, that someone who claims more travel expenses than someone else (purely because they travel more!) is taking more from the tax payer is a little naughty. Expenses are just reimbursement. Allowances are cold hard cash!

    Back to soothing my legs now. Ouch

  7. Steve Aylen says:

    Mr Courtenay again lacks it appaers to me a basic understanding of the issue .
    No change there then

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