Labour’s performance in Hertfordshire

Constituency 2010 vote % 2015 vote % Improvement Position Gap %
Stevenage 33.4 34.2 0.8 2nd 10.3
Watford 26.7 26.0 -0.7 2nd 17.5
St Albans 17.6 23.3 5.7 2nd 23.3
Welwyn Hatfield 21.4 26.1 4.7 2nd 24.3
Hemel Hempstead 20.8 23.8 3.0 2nd 29.1
Hitchin and Harpenden 13.6 20.6 7.0 2nd 36.3
North East Hertfordshire 16.4 18.9 2.5 2nd 36.5
Hertsmere 18.8 22.4 3.6 2nd 36.9
Broxbourne 17.6 18.4 0.8 3rd 37.7
Hertford and Stortford 13.8 17.0 3.2 2nd 39.1
South West Hertfordshire 11.5 16.3 4.8 2nd 40.6

Hertfordshire, like Essex, is a sea of blue politically nowadays. It was not always so. Like Essex it had a good number of Labour MPs in 1997 and the immediately following elections, and the demise of Labour here, as in Essex, explains why we are not in government. Well, explains in part. We have to win seats in the south and east of England if we are to win power nationally, and this means Essex and Hertfordshire.

The trick, I guess, is to work out what we have to do to appeal to the voters in this part of the country. Progress has been made, though, which has been somewhat obscured by the national picture. Earlier this month, with gains in Cambridge and Norwich South, Labour has doubled its representation in the East of England. We need to get into double figures, I think something like thirteen seats in the East (of 58) would likely signal a Labour Government.


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