Basildon Borough 2015 (and from 2008)

Eight years ago I was a candidate in the then Basildon District Council elections. I was working in Dunton, was invited by the local Labour Party, and stood in Nethermayne; I did not win. My Labour Party activism began in Basildon, in the run-up to 1997 I was helping Angela Smith get elected. Yes, I have a long-standing affinity with Basildon, and it goes beyond politics (shall I list all the grounds I have refereed at there?)

Consequently I take an interest in their elections, and the fortunes of our candidates there. I was delighted to see, for instance, my good friend Allan Davies re-elected in May.

Here is a summary of this May’s results in the Basildon Borough Council elections:

Party Vote % Wins No of candidates
Conservative 42.6 8 14
UKIP 28.5 2 14
Labour 24.0 4 14
Liberal Democrat 4.5 0 11
Independent 0.4 0 2
TUSC 0.1 0 1

This chart shows the vote share for the parties in local elections in Basildon from 2008 up to today.

2008 - 2015

2008 – 2015

Labour appears to be holding steady (ish), but it does look like UKIP is eating into some of the Labour vote – and this is probably partially hidden by Lib Dem switchers. I suspect that there is all sorts of churn in voter allegiance.

The current composition of Basildon Borough Council:

18 Conservative
9 Labour
2 Independence Group
1 Independent Labour
1 Liberal Democrat

It is a minority Conservative administration, with (I gather) unofficial support from the Independence Group.


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