The Campaign for State Education

As much as try to claim that education is not a policy area that excites me, I find myself regularly drawn to it. I guess this is because my take on education in the UK is rather like my brand of socialism. Whilst I want to help the gifted and encourage the ambitious, I also want to help those who are in neither category. The drive to take schools out of democratic accountability, and to pit school against school in some sort of pseudo-Darwinian struggle is decidedly not progressive in the eyes of this commentator. Choice is fine, but real choice should be available to everyone. Choice in education is often limited by the depths of one’s pockets, faith, or an arbitrary exam that those not immiserated can be coached for.

I stumbled across the Campaign for State Education’s website – interesting even for those whose take on educational matters is the polar opposite to mine. Check it out here.

In the meantime, I will continue to press for an educational policy in Southend-on-Sea that works for all of its students.


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