Looking forward to the next challenge

Sometimes it can feel like a bit of a bubble, running an election campaign. You know there is a whole lot going on outside of where you are standing but all you can really see is the challenge you are personally faced with. This is especially so on election day when all you are focussed on is getting a good result.

I think we had a good result in Southend West. Of course I would have liked to win, but finishing above the Liberal Democrats and UKIP has to be good , and now we are definitely the main opposition to the Tories in this constituency.

I am off to the count for the local elections in a moment. In the next few days I will attempt some analysis of the results In Southend-on-Sea, and beyond.

I have to say a big thank for Team Labour in Southend West who did a magnificent job, putting in long hours. I am not tempted to name them, partly because I am liable to miss someone off, but also because some worked away without my really knowing who they were.

I also thank those in Southend West who voted for me, and promise that my campaigning days are a long way from over.

And now – onto the next challenge!


2 Responses to Looking forward to the next challenge

  1. Rob Brown says:

    Super job Julian. Southend Labour has come away looking very good indeed.

  2. Good result for labour in both Southend seats considering the rest of the country.

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