Tommy More Times

tommyMoreTimesMy first interview by a fourteen-year old. Because of time constraints this was conducted by email.

This demonstrates that there are many young people who do take an interest in politics. It also, I feel, adds a bit more weight to the votes@16 argument.

My first ever interview was by the punk fanzine, New Crimes. That was something like 35 years ago!

One Response to Tommy More Times

  1. Here is the interview:

    Q: Could you please briefly explain Labour’s policies.

    Labour stands for the many. Ours is a better plan than does not leave ordinary working people worse off. Labour is the party of equality, of work, and of aspiration. We will build an economy that works for working people. We will cherish the NHS. We will help families and communities thrive. We will reform government to give more power to people. Labour will stand up for Britain’s interests in the world.

    Q: This is your first time standing for Southend West. Does it worry you that inexperience in this area may mean that your potential seat could slip to the Tories for the 18th time in this area?

    I would not describe myself as inexperienced here. I have lived longer in the constituency than other my rivals – I was born here in 1959.. I am a borough councillor – unlike any of my rivals. This is my third General Election, and I have campaigned for many years.

    Of course I hope that the Conservatives do not win, but ultimately the fate of Southend West lies in the hands of voters. I can only present my alternate views and see what happens.

    Q: According to, the conservative party have 94% of winning the seat on May 7th, Labour follow with 3% and UKIP are third with 2%. The Lib Dems, Greens and others do not get above 0%. Do these figures surprise you?

    I am well aware of the electoral arithmetic. It is a fact that more people did not vote at all in 2010 in Southend West than voted for David Amess’s Conservative Party.

    Q: Mr Farage, the UKIP leader sees Essex as a potential UKIP area. Does this worry you?

    I find the general thrust of UKIP’s policies, which is to blame everything on foreigners, very disappointing. There is undoubted potential here for the right-wing UKIP, and they won a by-election in the county last year, but I hope that they will be frustrated on May 7th.

    Q: How would you persuade a young voter to vote Labour on May 7th?

    Labour is the party of fairness and a more equal society. Labour is also the party of lower tuition fees, and of job creation. Labour promises action on education, and promises a proper vocational education and apprenticeships. Labour also promises more house building so that the next generation will be able to afford to buy a home of their own.

    Q: Ed Miliband has been known to be made a ‘figure of fun’ on social media. Will this narrow his chances of being made Prime Minister until 2020?

    I think the narrative as regards to Ed Miliband is changing, and this is because people are seeing a lot more of him at the moment. However, it is what he stands for that is important.

    Q: Should a voter decide who gets their vote based on party or person?


    Q: If Sir David Amess is re-elected, how would that make you feel? (please answer this – don’t avoid the topic)

    If David Amess is re-elected I would congratulate him, whilst obviously being disappointed at not winning myself. We must respect democracy.

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