Was it a butterfly?

ABC_1A telephone call, just now, went like this:

CALLER: I live in Southchurch and I want to vote UKIP. Can you tell me who the candidate is please?

ME: I am a Labour activist, and I am not about to help UKIP. If they have not made themselves known to you then I do not know why you would want to vote for them.

CALLER: Oh, OK, Thank you.

I guess I should be flattered that to be contacted, and perhaps it speaks to my enthusiasm for campaigning that I am called at all.

Am I flattered by the attention bestowed on me by Anthony Chytry (ABC) in his latest leaflet? Not really, not considering that what he writes is untrue. Labour can win in St Luke’s, and I suspect we will next Thursday.

Whilst he is clearly no fan of Labour, Anthony’s in the main is reserved for the three Independent Group councillors currently in St Luke’s – especially Paul van Looy.


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