Labour’s promise on climate change

Re-establish Britain as a global leader on climate change and put sustainability back at the top of the agenda, protecting our natural environment and wildlife for future generations
Play a leading role in the UN Paris Climate Change negotiations and within global and regional institutions like the EU, to help to ensure an ambitious emissions target for all countries, reviewed every 5 years, based on a scientific assessment of the progress towards the 2C goal
Push for global action to tackle climate change as a key part of our international development work. If temperature changes lead to more droughts or floods, farming will be at risk, and hunger will return to countries where people now have access to food. This will lead to more migration
Stick to ambitious, legally binding targets for carbon reduction – including the decarbonisation of our electricity supply by 2030
Prioritise investment in flood prevention, and produce a new plan for climate change adaptation
Full implementation of carbon budgets, and to the current Fourth Carbon Budget, which covers the period 2023-27, and commits the UK to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 32 per cent in 2025 on 2012 levels (50 per cent on 1990 levels).

Our record in Government:

• Led the world with historic Climate Change Act
• Gordon Brown MP commissioned the Stern Report, which concluded that failure to avoid the worst effects of climate change could lead to global GDP being up to 20 per cent lower than it otherwise would be. Acceptance of the report by the government laid the foundations for the substantially revised energy and climate change policies the government has pursued, particularly since 2007
• Gordon Brown MP was the first world leader to commit to attending the Copenhagen Summit
• Made life better for millions of the poorest people by cancelling third world debt and improved water or sanitation services for over 1.5 million people worldwide.

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