St Laurence – a tale of quitters

stLaurenceToryLeafletPageOneThis one was produced before Cllr Lee Burling called time on his political career (one that lasted a year too long for my liking). Therefore it has just the one Conservative candidate named.

By the standards of recent leaflets by St Laurence’s Tories this is a work of genius, but let’s be honest – the bar is set very low.

Some pedantry: whilst UKIP may have voted with the administration (those that bothered to turn up and stay), the budget was the work of the Joint Administration. UKIP are in opposition.

Steve is proud that Cllr Adam Jones voted to FEEZE council tax – I feel obliged to point out that as Cllr Jones does not reside in the borough he does not pay the local council tax. Adam quits for the charms of Barling, and Cllr Lee Burling just quits; St Laurence will see new faces (or returning faces) as its council representatives. There are two votes on May 7th as a result of the by-election here.

The reverse of this leaflet has a number of photos, amongst which are pictured SKIPP. At least we now know their loyalties. I wonder how many of SKIPP’s followers would also be content to be pictured on Conservative literature? And to think that they used to complain about the Tories.


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