Peter Gwidzala

GwidzalaThe Liberal Democrats will be pleased if they save their deposit in Rochford and Southend East. Their late, late selection of Ipswich-based Peter Gwidzala is ample evidence of the straits they are in in this constituency.

I am pretty sure that Mr Gwidzala’s “All or Nothing” quote is not a reference to his fondness for The Small Faces. His leaflet is a mass of contradictions (what does “Peter doesn’t worry but he will worry” actually mean?), but it is clear that he intends to defend his party’s role in Government. Good luck with that one.

The Liberal Democrat’s ruse of trying to be all things to all people has well and truly been exposed over the last five years. Peter can make whatever promises he wants – I doubt anyone is going to believe either him or his party.


One Response to Peter Gwidzala

  1. John says:

    of all the candidates at the Echo hustings, he was the one who impressed me the most!

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