Ostrich politics

OtridgeWhat does ‘Standing Up for Real Change‘ mean?

In the gobbledegook world of UKIP real change means recycling Conservative MPs as your own. Real change means blaming everything on foreigners.

In the nonsense spouted by Southend West’s UKIP candidate, Europe is a remote place, and poor people in Third World countries do not deserve our support.

Brian Otridge believes in Southend so much he chose to move to Rayleigh.

Southend does not suffer from the tyranny of uncontrolled mass immigration (unless you count Cockneys as immigrants). I represent the most ethnically diverse ward in the borough and still migrant numbers are small.

Apparently we have a ‘tax on our children when we die‘. This leaflet is as incoherent as it is wrong.

If the Conservatives are the Nasty Party, Mr Otridge represents the Even Nastier Party.

Britain is best when it embraces the world; UKIP would have it skulking in the shadows.


One Response to Ostrich politics

  1. He’s lost the vote of the apostrophe police.

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