Looks like Ron only wants one year

southendIndependentIt looks like the Independent Group have given up the thin pretence that they are not a party. They have produced a leaflet for their whole group and those independent candidates that they approve of.

Not that independent really, not at all in fact.

Two independent candidates are omitted: Alan Hart in Westborough, Anthony ABC in St Luke’s. Too independent for the Independent Group?

This leaflet repeatedly talks of an ‘independent local council‘, failing to mention that it is actually a Joint Administration.

For instance: ‘Southend celebrates its first independent local council‘, ‘The Council is now independently led‘, ‘when the independents took control of the Council last year‘, ‘Independent-on-sea‘, ‘Southend is currently run by Independent Councillors‘.

And I never thought I was surplus to requirements. We (the Labour group) will discuss the future of the Joint Administration, and our role in it, at our AGM on May 10th.

There is a rightwards lurch in the newly expanded team as they soak up UKIP dissidents. With James Moyies’s son and mother-in-law included it is not difficult to see where James will soon find a home.

Someone should tell them how to spell ‘St Laurence’, and when did Ric Morgan become ‘Rik‘ – is he now a young one?

Ron’s vanity is boundless; he refers to ‘My administration‘. His list of promises includes Labour mainifesto items, and his claim that ‘the electorate of Southend decided they had had enough of party politics‘ merely illustrates that Ron is either ignoring reality, or is plain stupid. Take your pick.

For Southend’s sake DON’T VOTE INDEPENDENT.


6 Responses to Looks like Ron only wants one year

  1. Steve Aylen says:

    it’s a good leaflet though

  2. Graham says:

    There is no such thing as an independent. They need others to get things done.

  3. Steve Aylen says:

    no they don’t need others

  4. Steve Aylen says:

    just noticed the commnet Someone should tell them how to spell ‘St Laurence’
    so your not local and don’t understand

  5. Steve Aylen: I am local, and have spent many hours at St Laurence. There is no arguing over how the ward name is spelt.

  6. Steve Aylen says:

    Sorry appologies the ward is Laurence but the church is different .
    So the leason learnt here is don’t try and me be a smarty

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