Another day


Whilst there is still some way to go, polling effectively begins today when postal votes start going out. I am anticipating mine will either be at home waiting for me this evening, or it will arrive tomorrow. Thus, for a significant minority the election is almost decided for them.

It all looks very close in the polls, with the final outcome far from certain. It is becoming less of an exercise of predicting who wins and more of an exercise of who will jump into bed with whom. My best guess is that whoever has the biggest chunk of seats is likely to form a much looser arrangement than the formal coalition we have had for the last five years.

In the meantime, campaigning continues. It seems that there are still large numbers who have yet to make up their minds.

Southend Labour launched its local manifesto yesterday, reported here. For many years we were the only local party to produce one. Now the Conservatives have one. We launched at Westcliff Library to a good-sized audience, and it was well-received.


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