UKIP in Blenheim Park

Lloyd01Last May five UKIP councillors were elected in Southend-on-Sea, allowing everyone to see whether the reality of UKIP representation matched up to the rhetoric. They fell short, very short.

UKIP’s presence in Blenheim Park ward is so low profile it has taken Labour canvassing for residents to find out that they even have a UKIP councillor. The councillor here has an indifferent attendance record and seems to have done little, if anything, for the ward or its residents.

UKIP have also spent all their energy arguing with each other, a most unedifying spectacle. Surely residents deserve better than to have representatives that squabble over who has got what role? UKIP councillors would rather serve their vanities than those that elect them.

Paul Lloyd stood in Eastwood Park ward in 2014. His failure there means he has transferred his affections to Blenheim Park. Is this what he means by ‘Real Change‘?

I think it would a ‘Real Change‘ for UKIP to actually put up candidates capable of doing the job. Since last May, in Southend-on-Sea, they have had four of their five councillors suspended by their party, one has since be expelled. They have had one stand down after a mere year in office. This is not a record to be proud of.


One Response to UKIP in Blenheim Park

  1. richmalpass says:

    Good to hear that the reality is as hollow and empty as their rhetoric:

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