Blenheim Park Ward – intouch Issue 8

blenheimParkInTouchThe evidence on the ground suggests that in Blenheim Park the Conservative campaign is the second-most hard-working. There is little from anyone else, except Matt Dent who is working like a Trojan.

James Courtenay is another who cannot help himself when it comes to the rules – he uses his council email and telephone number on this election leaflet. The Tories are losing all credibility when it comes to playing by the rules.

He claims, on the reverse of this leaflet, that he is a regular blogger. I suggest everyone read this particular post – 1,017 Thankyous!

In this he writes: I made some pledges in my election campaign and I will stick to them all. One of them was to do a monthly “E-newsletter”.

He has issued not one E-newsletter – mark that down as a broken pledge. His blogging is also intermittent.

I am intrigued that this shiny leaflet is ‘Issue 8‘ – I make that one every six months at best. I do not think that is very regular at all, especially as most of the others have been issued at election time.

As one of your local councillors, I feel it is very important to make myself as accessible as I can to residents” writes James. Hmmm, I think that is another failure.


One Response to Blenheim Park Ward – intouch Issue 8

  1. Steve Aylen says:

    should not mr Courtnay have written as one of your local councillors who lives 7 miles from the ward

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