Southend-on-Sea Borough Council elections candidates announced

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council elections candidates announced

Labour Conservative Liberal Democrat UKIP Green Independent Independent
Belfairs Dave Alston Lesley Salter Mike Grimwade David Dearle Barry Bolton Stephen McKiernan
Blenheim Park Matthew Dent James Courtenay Richard Herbert Paul Lloyd Jimmy Wild
Chalkwell Lars Davidsson Stephen Habermel Jessie Skinner Peter Walker Lucy Courtenay
Eastwood Park Martin Berry Trevor Byford Paul Collins Fiddian Warman
Kursaal Judith McMahon Alex Bright Richard Betson Verina Weaver Simon Cross
Leigh Chris McGurk Bernard Arscott Peter Wexham Jon Mullett
Milton Gray Sergeant Jonathan Garston Robert Howes Vida Mansfield Tammy Cooper
Prittlewell Tony Borton Meg Davidson Colin Davis Andy Beale Paul Ryder
Shoeburyness Maggie Kelly Roger Hadley Norman Redican Susan Smith Anne Chalk
Southchurch Ros Sanders Ann Holland Roger Fisher Barrie Page Julian Esposito Keith Sharman
St Laurence Reg Copley Steve Buckley Ted Lewin David McGlone Tanya Rayment Carl Whitwell
St Laurence Sean Jones David Burzotta Carole Roast Denis Walker
St Luke’s Jes Phillips Val Jarvis Nora Goodman Roger Weaver Stephen Jordan Paul Van Looy Anthony ABC
Thorpe Rod Birks Jon Bacon Jim Clinkscales Liz Swanson Ron Woodley
Victoria David Norman Denis Garne Donna Collins Peter Breuer Ian Hurd
West Leigh Jay Woods Georgina Phillips Chris Bailey David Stansfield Sarah Yapp
West Shoebury David Carrington Tony Cox David Betson Eddie McNally Nigel Outten Margaret Haydon
West Shoebury Matt Zarb-Cousin Derek Jarvis Charlie Row Alex Moyies
Westborough Charles Willis Daryl Peagram David Barrett Paul Mansfield Alan Hart David Webb
  • Three Parliamentary candidates are also seeking a seat on the council: Collins, Cross, Yapp.
  • Three former Parliamentary candidates are standing: Bolton, Norman, Wexham.
  • UKIP’s candidates are split so that five are in the East, and four in the West.
  • Fourteen former councillors are seeking a return: Bailey, Clinkscales, Collins, Copley, Cox, Garne, Goodman, Grimwade, Hadley, Lewin, Redican, Roast , Roger Weaver, Verina Weaver.
  • Of the fourteen former councillors, three flew previously under different party banners: Garne, Roger Weaver, Verina Weaver.
  • Three full slates.
  • St Luke’s has the most candidates (seven).
  • One candidate does not live in the borough: Ann Holland.
  • Fourteen councillors are defending their seats, making five seats that will have new representation.
  • Labour are first and last alphabetically: Alston and Zarb-Cousin.
  • There are two by-elections: St Laurence, West Shoebury. Voters here will have two votes.

2 Responses to Southend-on-Sea Borough Council elections candidates announced

  1. RPD says:

    You missed out Norman Redican, as a former Lib Dem Councilllor, Westborough late 80s early 90s.

  2. RPD: Thanks – now amended.

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