Jonathan Garston cannot follow rules either

Garston letterGarston leaflet

Jonathan Garston is writing to residents. He is also using his council email address and telephone number – both against the rules.

This is yet another Tory two-fingered salute to Southend-on-Sea Borough Council and the rules it has laid out for the use of its resources for electioneering purposes. Jonathan is so contemptuous of the rules he breaks them on both pieces of literature here.

The rules, in Tory minds, do not apply to them.

Jonathan plays rather loose with the reality of his time representing Milton. He was the Cabinet member responsible for Planning and did precious little to challenge some of the ugly developments that went up under his watch. He only began challenging when I arrived on the scene. He even told me, in one meeting, that I could not challenge all that I wanted to – fortunately I ignored this particularly bad piece of advice.

His letter is rather confusing, and attempts to conflate the General Election and local election results. He seems to suggest that Cheryl Nevin was not the positive choice last year – yet she seemed to get a convincing enough victory.

He repeatedly suggests that the weekly rubbish collection is under a threat – something he knows is not true.

He also (again) describes himself as a local shop owner. Untrue. His shoe shop is in Hadleigh, which is not even in the borough let alone the ward.


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