St Laurence Voice – Spring 2015



One Response to St Laurence Voice – Spring 2015

  1. This is our contract with you / Vote Labour to make Britain better off

    Where does “a contract” lie between say a “pledge” (as in “we pledge not to raise tuition fees”) a “commitment” and a “mere aspiration”?

    Contracts are often “legal contracts” or “binding contracts”. Pretty “pledgy” to me!

    And this is not an eye-catching pledge on a single issue, but a written contract (where the consideration would appear to be our vote) on ten issues.

    I don’t think I take exception to any of the ten issues, but will your fellow MPs including potential coalition partners – or parties to a confidence and supply agreement? And if they do will you have time to do all of this? And might “events” intervene?

    I see no caveat such as “if we form a majority government” – which would have got the Liberals off the hook on tuition fees. The Liberals gave an unqualified pledge – I now see an unqualified contract offered by Labour.


    Or is it time to forgive (and forget) the LibDems – and accept that during elections elaborate extensive and often undeliverable promises are made – by all parties?

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