Arithmetical mess, and a promise of instability

AmessWhat is noticeable in this leaflet is that David Amess is somewhat shy about his period as MP prior to 1997.

He starts: “I have been your MP since 1997“. He finishes: “Working for constituents for over 30 years“.

Each statement is true, but .. 1997 is a mere eighteen years ago. What of the other dozen years? Oh yes, he was in Basildon. He fled there when he noticed the writing on the wall. When he speaks of “working for constituents“, does this work include his flight from the fight with Angela Smith?

Between these two statements he writes little that can be described as accurate.

There is no threat of a Labour-SNP coalition. The country was in growth when we left office in 2010. An EU referendum promises instability at a time when we are still fighting to achieve a proper economic recovery.

He says that “only a Conservative Government would ensure that the recovery continues“, yet a two-year referendum debate threatens that recovery. Besides, it was the last Labour Government that oversaw a record period of growth and prosperity – a period only broken by the Tory’s friends in the banking community.


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