I have signed the Labour Women’s Network’s #powerpledge

Here’s the #powerpledge in full:

The Labour Party has a proud record when it comes to women’s rights, but the battle for equality is not yet won.

Women aren’t held back by a lack of skills or a lack of confidence, but because our society and our institutions systematically withhold power.

All parts of our movement have to play a part in changing the balance, so I/we pledge to share our own power and campaign to ensure more of it ends up in women’s hands.

I will:

1. Defend the principle and active implementation of All Women Shortlists and other positive action measures to reach and maintain equal levels of representation in the PLP, local government and other bodies and assemblies in which Labour contests elections;
2. Support 50:50 membership of Labour’s cabinet/shadow cabinet and Labour cabinets/shadow cabinets in local government;
3. Refuse to organise or appear on an all-male panel (defined as a discussion with more than one speaker plus a chair);
4. Support the institution of comprehensive policies against sexual harassment in the Labour Party and wider Labour movement, covering staff, elected representatives, activists and members;
5. Recognise and act on the specific barriers facing LBT, BAME, disabled and working class women and work to create a Labour Party which does even more to draw strength from our diversity;
6. Join or support Labour Women’s Network and women’s organisations across the movement;
7. Encourage others to sign the #powerpledge.



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