LFPME election pledges – pleased to support peace and uphold human rights

I am endorsing the following pledges:

A Labour government must underline its commitment to the following pledges, if we are to achieve genuine peace and security for both Israelis and Palestinians.

1. Peace: Support a viable peace process between Israelis and Palestinians, based on internationally recognised (1967) borders.
2. Palestinian Statehood: Reaffirm the Labour party’s commitment to the recognition of a safe and viable Palestinian State alongside a safe and viable Israel.
3. Human Rights: Oppose violations of international human rights law, in particular the detention of children and detention of political prisoners without trial.
4. The Wall: Oppose the continued construction of the Separation Wall on Palestinian land, a direct contravention of international law.
5. The Blockade: End the siege on Gaza and ensure the free flow of aid and trade.
6. Illegal Settlements: Call for a complete freeze on illegal settlement growth in order to save any hope for a viable two state solution, and end all trade and investment with illegal Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian territory.


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